On Traditional Mi’kmaq Territory

Weekly meetings in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, NS)

Our group is based on traditional Mi’kmaq territory and meets weekly in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, NS). Our group is comprised of Mi’kmaq women and women from other Indigenous Nations living here in Mi’kmaq territory. While the nature and focus of our topic is sexualized violence and empowering women’s voices on this subject matter through arts-based forms of expression, we also encourage and support each other in matters related to everyday life as our group members are juggling post-secondary education, work, motherhood and family life while contributing to the project.

We have been meeting for just over two months now and are still in the process of designing the final presentation of our group’s conversations and work. The nature of our discussions touches on a wide range topics, from our every day lived realities to shared history and the impacts of colonization on traditional and contemporary Indigenous realities. Our group brings together a wonderful group of strong Indigenous women each week and we are building a strong foundation for whichever way our project ends up manifesting itself in presentation.

Fieldsites // Kjipuktuk // June 7, 2016 

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