Digital and Participatory Pathways to Knowledge and Change


This working group will have a strong practice-based fieldwork orientation. Team members will draw on their own work with audio, visual and other participatory methods in order to embark upon a set of sub-studies.


  1. Compare and contrast data produced through different participatory media tools
  2. Critique the relationship between the data and the thematic of safety and security
  3. Evaluate efficacy in terms of: dissemination; the nature of young people’s engagement over time and policy influence


Central to the work in this group will be the development of a virtual gallery within the restricted area of the project website that will enable team members and youth participants to analyze and synthesize the knowledge produced through media practice via focus group methods, online discussions, and interviews led by youth and researchers.


How can researchers and young people

use media, and make media, to help ‘get the word out’ about issues of violence, safety and security in their lives?

Access to digital tools

How can they also interrogate some of the challenges in the context of remote areas, particularly in relation to access to digital tools in remote communities?

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