Girls as Knowledge Producers and Mobilizers


Team members will conduct close readings of primary texts independently produced by girls and uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as texts produced in the various interventions. They will also work directly with the girls themselves (through interviews, focus groups, online discussions, crowdsourcing and polling techniques) and consider key ethical challenges that arise.


  1. Apply a gender-specific analytic framework to the study of resilience processes in general and to adaptive systems following sexual violence in specific project areas.
  2. In the analysis of this media, we will focus on issues of resilience and agency taking care to link these conceptual discussions to examples from girls’ lived experiences.
  3. Test out ways of studying knowledge production as informed by the texts produced by the girls (digital stories, videos).


Central to the work in this group will be the development of a virtual gallery within the restricted area of the project website that will enable team members and youth participants to analyze and synthesize the knowledge produced through media practice via focus group methods, online discussions, and interviews led by youth and researchers.


How can we foreground the insights of girls and young women

following lived experiences of sexual violence, to further understandings of positive adjustment, resilience-supporting action, and protective attachments across generations, in circumstances of sexual trauma?


as Knowledge Producers and Mobilizers

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