Ethical Practice


This working group seeks to explore the ethical dimensions of working in participatory ways with indigenous girls in relation to sexual violence. The partnership is meant to address the complexity of working with minors and also contribute the deepening an understanding of the contextual factors. Given that this project is focused on creating networks for change and wellbeing of Indigenous girls regarding sexual violence, the project employs the concepts of free, prior and informed consent as outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and as framed within work related to African ethics (Theron, 2011).


Ethical practice in girlhood studies in a relatively new area of study as April Mandrona highlights in her editorial of a special issue of Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal – Ethical Practice and the Study of Girlhood (Vol 9, Issue 3).  It builds on the growing body of work on ethics in childhood studies and complements longstanding work in the area of feminist ethics.



What can the project offer to community based researchers in relation to ethical practice?

Ethics boards

What ways can the project influence research ethics boards?

Ethical Practice - community, relation, determination


How can girls themselves become engaged in contributing to determining what counts as ethical practice particularly in relation to such areas as ownership of data and cultural safety?

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